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Sherlock & Watson - The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

I love Sherlock Holmes stories, so when the UK series came out, I was instantly hooked. Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Sherlock is superb (perfect casting if you ask me) along with Martin Freeman as the lovable Watson. I adore these two and their on-screen chemistry.

With its growing popularity, it came as no surprise when a friend asked me to draw Sherlock for her. Normally I would do a full-faced portrait of the subject, however, her request was unique. She only wanted a half-face portrait. So I quickly sketched out his face, very rough, and stared at my work for a bit. Then it hit me...why not draw Watson as the other half? I couldn't leave Sherlock without his partner in crime solving...and that, Ladies & Gentlemen is what sparked the idea that turned into a HUGE series of my own called "The Sides You See."

The response I got over my half-faced drawings was overwhelming. I owe it all to my friend, Mickie, for her random request and everyone out there for their numerous suggestions over whom I should draw next...THANK YOU...and keep the suggestions coming! :)

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