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Tampa Bay Comic Con (Aug 1-3, 2014)

What an awesome experience! This was my second convention ever and I'm seriously hooked! :) Which one should I appear at next?! :) Thank you to everyone who came by to see me at my booth. It was great to see so many familiar faces and make a ton of new friends. Thanks for the support. I appreciate you all! :)

Favorite moment? Richard Madden saying, "So many people have come up with this picture for me to sign. Wait, YOU drew this?!?" Best moment ever!!! To have the subject of your drawing actually be in awe of your talent feels pretty dang awesome, I won't lie (especially when he's genuine and speaks in a Scottish accent!) So I gave him a copy of the drawing I did and got "Love your work!" on my copy in return. Woohoo! Looks like my art is Richard Madden Approved...might have to add that to my banner next time. haha :) Definitely going in my top 5 MOST MEMORABLE experiences!

Richard Madden - Autograph Signing.jpg
Richard Madden - Tampa Bay Comic Con.jpg
Richard Madden - Autograph2.jpg

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